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29.3.2018 Konzert SIKSA / POCHWALONE

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16. Januar 2018


(Danger/discomfort riot grrl'n'bass / Poland)
is the most divisive Polish artist in recent memory, whose radical and brutally honest performances are smashing the patriarchy one gig at a time. Coming from punk, literary and theatre backgrounds, her shows dissect the Polish consciousness. To quote her own words, she's a girl on a mission.

POCHWALONE (punk power trio / Poland)
"The Blessed" - an all star, all female band who mix influences coming from THE EX, NOMEANSNO with Polish folk. Folk and contemporary. Present-day as ever before. About women's concerns and what afflicts them. Community experiences, rebellion through generations, powers, infirmities, plucking feathers, clubs and frolic. New meanings at the intersections. Besoms, feminists, mothers and singles, chicks and witches, a maid from a forest, a hoarse cuckoo - the ones from the nineteenth century village, the ones from concrete estates - together! They should be praised! We play lyrically and romantically but also angrily and blackly. Rock, groove, cook, trance, psycho, swing mixed together.



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