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30.9.2023 Kopfweh: kein Wunder! Beyond Techno Bodies

19. September 2023

Gemeinsam mit Verschubu Records präsentierten wir einen musikalischen Abend der superlative in SNKT BRTLM (Sankt Bartlmä, Halle 6) mit:

HVL (Bassiani)
KVANCHI (Bassiani)

RENT Foto by David Visnjic

RENT (VIE) focuses on experimental, analog sounds combined with stock voices and dark, glitched ambiences. Harsh machines and digital remnants work together to create strongly processed sounds that relate to bodily experiences as well as to digital dissociations.


HVL (Bassiani). First coming to attention as a member of Okinawa Lifestyle duo in 2009, Bassiani/Horoom resident Gigi Jikia a.k.a HVL has become a leading voice of thriving techno movement centered around Tbilisi club scene. Since starting solo career in 2013, HVL was busy exploring more diverse range of genres and styles. His solo releases which have appeared on underground outposts like Bassiani Records, Rough House Rosie, Tabernacle Records and Organic Analogue, have testified to taste that’s also reflected in his Live performances and DJ sets.
The outstanding debut Ostati LP on Organic Analogue Records (2018), intended as a manuscript of the sound of Tbilisi, is a seductive update on the established HVL’s dynamics, centered on outboard house and techno with a noticeably understated mood. As HVL’s reputation as a solo artist grows, so does his status as a selector and DJ. Jikia has taken his skillfully crafted Live shows and DJ sets to new heights in 2018, hitting up some of the best dancefloors in the world from Berghain and Hï Ibiza to infamous Berlin Atonal. 

KVANCHI pressphoto By George Nebieridze

KVANCHI (Bassiani) is a DJ, producer, He is a resident at HOROOM. He got interested in music when he started collecting classic Rock records at the age of 13-14. However, after years of listening to artists influenced by electronic sound, his taste for music transformed. During the early period of his career, sounds characteristic to Detroit, Chicago and New York proved to be crucial for him and defined his creative work. “For me, DJing is about the ability to communicate distinct emotions to the crowd in different situations, while not loosing the sense of the environment”, says Kvanchi. According to him, residency at HOROOM is a great responsibility. He believes that it is vital for the resident artist to be able to provide musical diversity, and to offer a sense of freshness to the crowd.

SOPHIE PHARE pressphoto By George Nebieridze

Queer-feminist artist SOPHIE PHARE, born and raised in Batumi, the impressions from a Black Sea coast city left a significant influence on the formation of SOPHIE PHARE’S musical identity. Initially a classically trained artist’s interest into Electronic music was ignited in the underground basements of the city. Newly inspired, she was diving deep into the history of the club culture, founding a basis for her bond with the true values and visions of it. For her, performing is a fervorous, sincere flow of emotions, getting in touch and harmony with the audience, exposing the liberational power which moves the dancefloor. Full of diversity, melodies and luscious vocal samples, SOPHIE PHARE’s mixes are the testimony of quintessential dance music - taking the journey into the boundless world of feelings, senses and politics of sexuality. Persistent and beloved guest of Tbilisi queer nights, SOPHIE PHARE lusts for unrolling the unconditional love of music and ideas extraordinaire.

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