16.10.2019 a Night of Drones, Soundscapes and Explosions

Wir freuen uns euch zu drei wunderbaren Konzerten unter der Woche einzuladen. Erich Quach, besser bekannt mit seinem Projekt "thisquietarmy" und Aidan Girt, welcher als Drummer bei "Godspeed You! Black Emperor" sein Unwesen treibt, kommen als SOME BECAME HOLLOW TUBES nach Innsbruck. Support bekommen sie von LINGUA NADA und LUKAS MORITZ WEGSCHEIDER

Eric Quach on guitar (thisquietarmy) & Aidan Girt on drums (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) making faces, floorgazing, rippin' rippin' rippin'...

is a band, that..." And then what? It’s not that easy to describe the hyperactivity and genre-bending sound of the Leipzig based three-piece. The experimental pop trio's live performances are like a wrecking ball, painted in neon camouflage: catchy, painfull, sweet, bitter – and loud! Nothing really fits and that is what fits perfectly. When it comes to compositions, Lingua Nada are navigating through a Bermuda Triangle of oriental pop melodies, noisy garage riffs and impudently catchy melodies.

Lukas Moritz Wegscheider is an electronic music composer, instrument builder and photographer from Innsbruck, Austria. With his tape loop performances he wants to focus on room-atmosphere, collective mood, nostalgia, melancholy and the hauntological phenomenon. The endless repetitions, sharpen the acoustic perception and allow the discovery of new sound events. The image gets distorted and blurred until the focus is placed on the distortion and the blurredness itself. Influences of Minimal Music and Ambient, combined with the atmosphere of the hauntology theory and lo-fi aesthetics.